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BONART FP appointed as an Advisor to the USA FAMILY OFFICE CLUB on Private Equity

BONART has been appointed advisor to, a subsidiary of the US Family Office Club. It, therefore, became a permanent member of a group called Centimillionaire Advisors, LLC, which provides such services to the world’s largest family offices association. The Advisory Agreement was signed by the President of the US Family Office Club, Richard Wilson, and Dr. Boaz Barack, CEO of Bonart Financial Performance Ltd. (CH)

The family office Club in the USA has more than 1750 members and focuses on solutions for $100M+ worth families. Bonart can assist with building out the program and originating deals both from our industry-leading Rolodex of family office relationships and through proactive deal origination processes by leveraging our global network.

Centimillionaire Advisors, LLC, provides families with investment advisory solutions. It delivers insights, support, tools, resources, and events to assist with family office creation & management and benefits from performance fees for allocations made through deals.

The advisory group is a 19 person team that helps identify:

- Industry-specific direct investment deal flow

- Advanced tax planning

- Levels layers of control most appropriate to retain and get into place missing components in the family’s governance, operational processes, and family office quality solution providers

The Club operated for 12 years as the #1 most significant community of registered family offices. According to its President, the Club’s position as one of the top five global thought leaders in the family office space is providing a superior deal flow. More importantly, an ever-refined set of strategies, structures, and origination pathways help families invest directly with more effectiveness. The Club has Capital-Raising websites and developed first-mover advantage, which has resulted in becoming the largest community of registered family offices globally and the first to ever write books on the single-family office and centimillionaire industries. Centimillionaire Advisors, LLC, and BONART will benefit from the ideas and deal flow that results from this Club’s position.


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