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BONART partners with FA Solutions, a global leading Wealth Management software provider

FA Solutions has successfully expanded in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. BONART is assigned to represent the company in the German speaking countries, particularly Switzerland.


BONART is an independent Swiss advisory and execution firm. Its strength is in providing unparalleled access to funding and promoting sponsored, innovative investment products. It anticipates that with the digitalisation of the investment supply chain, the solutions offered by asset managers and private banks will look substantially different from how they look today.

To capitalise on these opportunities, BONART built a new business model based on its team's passions for creating innovative finance structures, a deep personal networks, and drive to deliver simple but profoundly practical solutions. FA Solution is a great gift for us to combine all of the above, say all partners in BONART.

FA Solutions was founded in 1999 and by the year 2020 have successfully expanded with offices in Helsinki, Stockholm, and London. They are the leading provider of software solutions to Asset Managers, Fund Managers, Private Banks, and Family Offices in Northern Europe, on the way to becoming a global leading Wealth Management software provider. FA Solutions are dedicated to offering our customers a cutting-edge software platform as a service, enabling them to take care of everything in their Investment Management business in one platform, which is accessible 24/7. Their transaction-based, multi-currency, multi-lingual portfolio management system can be easily adapted to different needs in an increasingly regulated financial market. The company's top modern and independent SaaS solution empowers clients to grow where older solutions will limit you.

BONART, was founded by Dr. Boaz Barack in 1983. It initially provided financial risk management strategies and the first-ever structured methods to hedge the business risks and transactions of its substantial clients. In 1990 the company was bought by the Edmond de Rothschild Group. In 2010, Dr. Barack re-established BONART as a Swiss company. It advised UBS AG on financial matters, served as a hub for investments of the Barack Family Office, and acted in directorship and holding positions in several European financial institutions.

BONART shares with FA Solutions the following values, says Ariel Barack, Head of Capital Formation in the company:

Long Term Thinking

We treat our clients' challenges with the same care and responsibility that we apply to our own business and money.

Unprecedented Access

We rely on an unrivalled global network of trusted professionals and decision-makers and on a proven digital platform like FA Solutions. It means that we bring in-depth market intelligence and access to the table in everything we do.


In one word: reliability. We do not compromise on quality, while offering flexibility, speed, and strict adherence to deadlines.

Why partner with FA Solutions?

Ellen Spinnler, Partner in BONART:

"We are never satisfied with the conventional wisdom. We proactively seek innovative ways to provide thoughtful, principled, and creative solutions for clients, through combined distinct perspectives."

Dr. Boaz Barack Founder & CEO states:

"We have checked almost all cutting-edge software platforms as a service, to enable us to take care of all investment management deals and engagements in one platform. We found FA Solutions to be an ultimate solution mostly because it is always accessible in any device. In discussion with their management, we realised that the platform is not only the best fit for us, but to the entire group of active experts in the financial services industry. This partnership”, Barack added, “is a win/win situation for all of us, and mostly for the delighted customers. Our transaction- base, the multi-currency financial management system, can be easily adapted to different needs in an increasingly regulated financial market. This innovative and independent solution empowers every other operator and us to grow where older solutions will only limit us”.

BONART is a relatively young player in the Swiss financial environment compared to the traditional older institutions. However, it confirms that it works as if there is no time gap. All you need is an internet browser (no IT investments), automate the daily working, tackle the regulation, introduce products in seconds, and enable the company to grow. “We shall be delighted to demonstrate these features to the growing crowd of operators who see the future of finance with a different view.”

BONART searched for a few critical benefits in a platform:

  • Handling versatile instruments efficiently by adapting flexibly to the changing environment, managing structured products and fund portfolios, NAV calculations, and shareholder registries.

  • Supporting a broad range of assets and currencies, different share classes, and complex fee structures.


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