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Exclusive access to POLUS Tech Ltd, a Swiss growth company in Telecom and Big Data

"Being prepared means anticipating the worst, building in circuit breakers and guardrails, assuring redundancy and resilience, even when the worst seems unimaginable. Being ready means investing in the health of structural systems."

Disaster response and organisational safety are now an ongoing concern to many businesses, be it with regards to supply chain, the health of the employees, or the manner with which risk is measured and assessed.

BONART is leading investment into POLUS Tech Ltd., a cutting-edge Swiss innovative company (with Israeli roots) that is now turning its government crisis management solutions into the business sector. Having witnessed a demonstration of POLUS’s capabilities, we are convinced its technology will dominate the “business continuity” requirements.

The Story of POLUS

POLUS is a company with a global presence. Founded in 2015 by experts from leading defence organisations. POLUS is dedicated to rethinking and advancing the manner with which we used to identify, anticipate, and respond to threats both in our physical and our digital environments. Using its unique knowledge and expertise in telecommunications and information exchange, both on a software and hardware level, POLUS developed big data platforms for crisis and disaster management, and cellular-based products to ensure continuity.

Company facts

POLUS ( ), was founded by Niv Karmi, a former Major in the Israeli Special Intelligence Forces. Other shareholders include European strategic investors and Israeli based Shavit venture capital. The company has shown growth figures since 2016, based on the combination of a unique hardware and software technology developed in Israel, Serbia, and Switzerland. It provides for strong demand growth for emergency communication used in the ever-growing number of natural disasters which need to be contained/fought, and for public safety communication in situations ranging from terrorist attacks to Corona/Covid-19. Clients using POLUS are governmental entities all over the world. New clients demand now identified in the corporate sector for business continuity applications. Information on POLUS & financial figures will be accessible in a data room after signing an NDA.

How to Invest in POLUS?

We are raising $15m in equity and debt for POLUS, and invite you to join us.

Existing shareholders include a reputable Swiss firm and an Israeli Venture Capital firm.

BONART issued a Swiss Certificate (AMC) with an ISIN to facilitate investments through banks and brokers. At the same time, BONART would be pleased to arrange for potential investors a direct meeting with the management of the company and discuss a tailor-made investment framework to suit investors’ needs.

We are confident that POLUS is becoming a world leader in the public safety market and business continuity segments by continuously addressing risks and threats to our global community.

If you have an interest in further discussion or receiving more details, please approach us at your convenience -

Product explainer videos:

Business Continuity -

Fighting COVID with Big Data - A full data room is available under an NDA.


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