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The world has changed, and so should investment strategies



BONART is an independent Swiss advisory and execution firm.

We join forces with investors and entrepreneurs to navigate through the capital markets.

We anticipate that the growing focus on private markets, and the digitalisation of the investment supply chain, will drive substantial changes in the solutions offered by the traditional finance industry.

To capitalise on these opportunities, BONART has built a unique business model combining our teams' passion for innovation, and our drive to deliver simple profoundly practical solutions.

Our three interlocking business divisions:

Financing Private Equity

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Structuring Investment Strategies

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Proprietary Investment Strategies



We look at finance and investments differently than others.

First founded by Dr. Boaz Barack in 1983, BONART initially provided financial risk management strategies and the first-ever structured methods to hedge the business risks and transactions of its substantial clients. In 1990 the company was bought by the Edmond de Rothschild Group.

In 2010, Dr. Barack re-established BONART as a Swiss company. It advised UBS AG on financial matters, served as a hub for investments of the Barack Family Office, and acted in directorship and holding positions in several European financial institutions.

The combination of our access and interactions with both traditional institutions and startups has shaped BONART's philosophy and vision for the future of finance.


Unlike many (certainly not all) financial services firms, which first create products and then look for clients to buy them, BONART is customer centric.


We have carefully designed our business to inquire what is the need of the investor and to offer investors one thing above all else: ACCESS.

The value we deliver stands on three pillars:


We treat each engagement with the same care and responsibility that we apply to our own business and money.

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In our business, we must be able to anticipate change. We continuously learn and adapt, and when presented with two options, we typically create a third one.

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We bring to the table in-depth thinking and experience in everything we do. We are also aware of our limitations and shortcoming, and we proactively join forces with domain-experts to complement and extend our abilities.


Financing Private Equity

As investors, we financially back innovative entrepreneurs, promising managers, and exceptional businesses, where our involvement can improve the outcome.

As co-investors and capital introducers, we advance transactions and attract capital to selected deals, which are always anchored by a reputable investor, typically a family office.

Structuring Investible Products 

We design and execute strategic financing structures and act as a trusted partner, taking a long-term and independent view of the situation and challenges at hand.

We provide impartial, expert advice to those seeking to bring new products to the financial markets.

Our deep understanding of financial markets, the high volume of transactions we advise on, and our unrivalled international network of industry and financing specialists provide clients with a comprehensive perspective to achieve their desired strategic goals.

Proprietary Investment Strategies

Our goal is to preserve and grow the real value of our capital. It involves several related tasks: outpacing inflation, achieving prudent growth, and avoiding large losses, while focusing on the long term.

Based on a continuous analysis of the capital markets, we determine the most appropriate focus and tactics to achieve our objectives. We actively manage our portfolios intending to outperform public indicators, whatever the markets' conditions, and with a controlled level of risk.

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